Bench, founded in the UK in 1989, is represented in 34 countries in Europe and North America and offers fashionable yet functional lifestyle clothing for men and women in the core 20 to 30 year-old target group. Unique in its approach to design, the Bench collection has focused on developments in fabric and construction to create clothing that equips the wearer for a 24-hour lifestyle.

Born in 1989 initially as a small menswear brand with roots in skate and BMX culture, Bench today is a global brand presenting a carefully selected range focusing on stylish and functional fashion for a 24 hour lifestyle. Throughout its evolution, Bench has maintained its uniqueness, and successfully expanded internationally, developing iconic products such as the hoodie to remain in tune to the cultural zeitgeist while integrating both womenswear and kids collections. Bench is now renowned as a brand that offers fashionable, comfortable, wearable and timeless pieces.

Bench continues to focus on design features that equip the wearer for a 24 hour lifestyle. Fully rooted in the brand DNA and sustained by a contemporary and functional-led approach to product design, revealing developments in fabric and construction to create collections that meets the demands of a modern 24-hour city life. The two core elements of the new product range structure are Life and Performance.

An iconic piece of Bench heritage, the hoodie has been the brands area of expertise since its inception a quarter of a century ago. The Bench hoodie has been a staple wardrobe component for many a city dweller the world over.

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