With its BONITA and BONITA men ranges, BONITA is a leading European brand in the area of mix-and-match fashion for men and women over 40 years old. The ability to combine high-quality and well-fitting items of clothing to create endless new outfits lies at the heart of BONITA’s fashion. BONITA sells its collections exclusively through its own stores – in line with the motto BONITA is only found at BONITA. The twelve collections released annually are completed with a vast range of accessories.

BONITA designs fashion for women who want to highlight their individual style.
Each item of clothing appeals through its attention to detail and perfect fit. The looks are authentic, stylish and highlight the customer’s natural beauty. Extraordinary colour precision and optimally coordinated outfits offer plenty of scope to create individual combinations.

BONITA men showcases the wearer’s personality with its many outfit combinations.
Thanks to its optimal fit, wide range of themes and high-quality materials, the BONITA men range focuses on casual men’s fashion. The latest fashion trends are picked up on and combined with maximum comfort. From sporty to stylish, BONITA men offers elegant and casual looks for the modern, sophisticated man. The various ways of combining the current collections emphasise a natural lifestyle: stylish outfits can be created and recreated to incorporate the seasonally changing colour palette. Regular quality checks ensure consistently high-quality and excellent tailoring across all BONITA men collections.

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