Desigual, it's not the same

The brand’s motto has best interpreted the spirit of its collections since 1984.The upbeat, nonconformist, fresh and colourful clothing and accessories radiate optimism and a zest for life.
Store design and decor create an emotionally charged, extraordinary shopping experience for the customer, with new surprises waiting to be discovered in every corner.

From the brand’s latest creations, arising from an exclusive collaboration between French fashion designer Monsieur Lacroix and Desigual, over to the new, bold shoe collection, right through to the range Desigual inspired by Cirque Du Soleil – borne out of a fusion of art and circus performance – one thing is clear: the DESIGUAL movement is here to stay.The values that determine DESIGUAL’s actions perfectly reflect the spirit of the brand: positive thinking, emotions, solidarity, joy, freedom and the courage to be different. DESIGUAL, it’s not the same.

Desigual Landquart Fashion Outlet Shop 74-75, Tardistrasse 55/57, 7302 Landquart Tel: +41 81 322 52 55