A brand devoted to women who love themselves and want to express their personality in the way they dress as well as enhance their style through our clothing. 

The Gambi woman is defined by her trained eye for detail, by the clothes she wears and by her penchant for tradition, which also embraces modernity. She is passionate, creative and loves to experiment with fabrics and colours. Gambi accompanies her in the workplace, but also on a walk under the night sky, where she is the star that shines the brightest. 

Lace, soft mesh and innovative, technical materials are manufactured using the purest tradition of Italian couture. The Gambi brand draws on the expertise of the most renowned boutiques in Europe. As Gambi has never strived for mass distribution, it has been able to remain appreciative of authenticity and the value of its own product. Gambi is thus able to maintain the high quality of its materials and work with great attention to detail.

Gambi sees Guess as an ideal partner for accessories that complete its range of products and as a fitting addition to its feminine fashion line.

Fans of Gambi Milano appreciate the brand’s creativity, which has its origins in the 1960s. Devoted to all women, with love.

Gambi Milano Landquart Fashion Outlet Shop 11, Tardisstrasse 46 7302 Landquart Tel: +41 81 322 70 20 Info@LandquartFashionOutlet.ch



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