Kägi Chocolate Shop



Happiness is easy to enjoy - wrapped in homemade Swiss chocolate! The fine specialties of Kägi combine crispy waffles, creamy filling and homemade Swiss chocolate. In addition to the classic Kägi fret, the new Kägi Chococlate Shop in the Fasion Outlet Landquart offers a crispy, light assortment of chocolate waffles in various flavors, sizes and attractive Kägi gift packs.

Also a crunchy classic are the fine Kägi Toggenburger butter biscuits, which have been produced for over 85 years using the same traditional recipe. When Kägi fret combines best raw materials and traditional recipes with chocolate expertise, so that even the first enjoyable bite makes clear: Happiness is a Kägi.

In Landquart you will find the entire Kägi range, including flavors and products that are otherwise only available in Switzerland in the Kägi Shop at the company location in Lichtensteig in Toggenburg: Have you ever tried Kägi Matcha or do you know the Kägi "Glücksmeter"? It is measurable luck: a full meter or 825g of Kägi fret minis for meter-long enjoyment. You can also try all the varieties in the Kägi Chocolate Shop, where even the first enjoyable bite makes clear: Happiness is a Kägi.


Kägi Chocolate Shop Landquart Fashion Outlet Shop 12, Tardisstrasse 48, 7302 Landquart Tel: +41 81 544 59 67 Shop.Landquart@kaegi.com