The best you can be is true to yourself. This is why Mustang follows a grounded denim philosophy which places the spotlight on naturalness and originality.

Mustang jeans are characterised by their good fit, not only in terms of size and cut, but also in terms of the wearer’s personality. In 1948, Albert Sefranek swapped six bottles of schnapps for six original pairs of US jeans, which laid the foundations for a German success story in the denim business. These beginnings set the course for the company, which is known not only for its down-to-earth nature, but also for its innovative strength and creativity. It therefore comes as no surprise that Mustang was the first company to launch women’s jeans and corduroy jeans in Europe, and the first stretch jeans in the world. The company also places importance on its perfectly coordinated lifestyle range, which complements its classic jeans with licences for shoes, leather goods, bodywear and accessories.

Mustang is therefore a long-standing brand that has already provided all kinds of material for some magnificent stories. But, above all, for jeans that are just as authentic as the people who wear them.

Simply: true denim for true people.

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