Founded in 1975, Oakley has its headquarters in southern California and counts among the globally leading sports brands. Since being founded, Oakley has filed over 600 patent applications, which goes to show that the company is permanently in search of solutions and innovations while at the same time combining ingenuity with elegance. Precisely this philosophy has made Oakley one of the most extraordinary brands in the market. The company’s products are given a cult status and offer new technologies and ideas that help world-class athletes around the globe to stay at the top of their game. Oakley is famous for its unbeatable glasses technology – one example of this being HDO® (High Definition Optics®), which is incorporated in all Oakley sunglasses, corrective glass and ski goggles. As the globally leading producer of sports glasses, Oakley has also expanded its successful activities to include clothing, shoe and accessory collections. With the customer always in mind, Oakley offers product lines for men and women in the categories sports performance, active and lifestyle. Oakley is a subsidiary of the Luxottica Group.

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