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Rhomberg – trend and tradition

Rhomberg offers brillant and trendy jewelry for every occasion. To celebrate a great love, give your best friend a beautiful gift or to surprise children with a cute piece of jewelry. And to indulge yourself with a touch of luxury. Stylish designs and material of high quality characterize the treasured range: Gold – for example popular rose gold – always current silver, or unusual elements such as titanium or tantalum. Combined with stones such as zirconia and precious and natural material like diamonds and pearls.

The company was established in 1984 by Siegfried Rhomberg and offered trendy silver jewelry to young people. It was very successful. Since then, Rhomberg has continued to develop new ideas with great passion. This is how the Rhomberg team intends to grow in the future. They honor the value of classical jewelry and capture also the zeitgeist. Rhomberg is versatile – just like its customers. And fulfills their high demands. After all, a piece of jewelry is worth more than it actually costs. When it is worn, it will make history. Rhomberg is proud to be part of this.

Rhomberg Landquart Fashion Outlet Shop 12, Tardisstrasse 48 7302 Landquart Tel: +41 81 566 70 06 landquart_outlet@rhomberg.ch



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