SUBWAY® was founded by Fred DeLuca and Dr Peter Buck. Aged 17, Fred DeLuca opened a sandwich restaurant in his home town of Bridgeport (Connecticut) on 28 August 1965. The name of the restaurant was Pete’s Super Submarines, as the elongated sandwich shape resembled that of a submarine. In 1968, Pete’s Super Submarines then changed its name to SUBWAY®: ‘sub’ being an abbreviation of submarine and ‘way’ stemming from on one’s way.

In 1984, SUBWAY began its international expansion by opening its first restaurant in Bahrain. Fred DeLuca’s idea of making sandwiches to the customer’s taste right before their very eyes opened up a market niche. This new approach to food preparation using fresh ingredients was a huge innovation in the mid-60s, at a time when America was dominated by burgers and a fast food culture. The brand is just as current today thanks to the modern-day consumer’s preference for a more balanced and low-fat diet.

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