Sunday 4 August 2019

Business Chic for the Ladies

Every year after the holidays we stand in front of our wardrobe and look for inspiration for the first day back in the office. Which colours match, which styles are currently en vouge and in which condition is your favourite shoe?

Hallhuber Blazer black: CHF 139.90 instead of CHF 199.90 (Valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Hallhuber Blouse white: CHF 55.90 instead of CHF 79.90 (Valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Hallhuber Trousers black: CHF 79.90 instead of CHF 129.90 (Valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)

With the right basics you are always well dressed. Although classic cuts and muted colours still dominate, strong tones are also on the advance this year. The rule of thumb is to combine a maximum of two colours and use patterns more discreetly.

Hallhuber blouse light blue: CHF 55.90 instead of CHF 79.90 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Hallhuber trousers offwhite: CHF 111.90 instead of CHF 159.90 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Hallhuber blouse black: CHF 55.90 instead of CHF 79.90 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)

Be bold with colour 

Color really suits every woman. We just have to discover the right tones for us. In the Landquart Fashion Outlet you can get advice in the numerous fashion shops and find your personal style.

Marc Cain ladies jacket orange: CHF 384 instead of CHF 549 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Marc Cain T-Shirt fuchsia: CHF 75 instead of CHF 189 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Marc Cain ladies' trousers: CHF 99 instead of CHF 249 (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)

Fashion Club special offer: CHF 345.60 instead of CHF 549.- (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Fashion Club special offer: CHF 67.50 instead of CHF 189.- (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)
Fashion Club special offer: CHF 89.10 instead of CHF 249.- (valid from 05.08. - 15.09.)

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Luxury from the desert 

Diana Antoniello, Store Manager at Max Mara Shop 13, has a very special tip for style-conscious ladies for autumn / winter 2019 - camel hair:

"The camel hair comes almost exclusively from the two-humped camel and offers excellent warmth properties as well as a first-class temperature balance. This hair is combed out of the coat and sorted by colour (4 shades from cream to dark brown). Afterwards it is washed and de-grenned. The hair has a silky shine and is very smooth and fine in structure. It is also known for its excellent moisture transport and has a climatizing effect."

The special advantage of camel hair as well as alpaca lies in its indestructible properties: even after years of use, you will not notice any signs of wear. Like all wool textiles, camel hair products should also be aired frequently, as this causes a natural cleaning process. Overnight outdoors, protected from rain, the fibres regenerate in the humid air, straighten up again and shine in a new glow.

Younth on display

Can it be a little more playful? Black and white sneakers, oversized pockets and golden highlights provide a little extra attitude without being obtrusive.

Guess ladies' backpack: CHF 95 instead of 155
Guess men's sneaker: CHF 85.00 instead of CHF 139.00
Guess ladies' handbag: CHF 109 instead of CHF 175

Classic black for the man 

(Women) often tell men that when choosing the right business outfit, he rarely goes for more daring colours than black, white or grey. But men certainly don't have less choice. Who has the choice, has the (beautiful) agony - this applies equally to men and women with the dress choice.

Navyboot Business Men's Shoe: CHF 124.50 instead of CHF 249.-
Navyboot fabric and leather shopper (black): CHF 149.50 instead of CHF 299.-