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Monday 4 February 2019

Living Coral: the color of the year 2019

It is eagerly awaited each year: the official color of the year, chosen by the Pantone Color Institute. The race will be the color "Living Coral" in 2019. How great the vivid color in the furniture and in the wardrobe, and how it is best combined with other tones, we show you here.

"The cheerful, life-affirming coral red with golden undertones gives energy and revives in a gentle way," the Pantone Color Institute quotes when announcing the color of 2019. In the midst of digitization and the illusory world of social media, the color should embody authenticity and remind us of the blaze of color in nature. And she actually does. Living Coral is also easy to combine and fits any style.

Fashion and accessories

Who likes big performances, relies on the complete look in coral. Whether a summer dress, raincoat or monochrome outfit of blouse and chinos, the vibrant color is also standing women, without looking too cute. Also in combination with muted colors such as white, beige, gray or denim, the tone works perfectly. For example, a coral-colored blazer stylishly peps up the otherwise simple business outfit, while a light summer scarf wonderfully flatters the complexion. Even handbags, shoes and jewelery are extremely popular as a discreet eyecatcher, especially in spring and summer.


The perfect outfit provides the extra dose of motivation we sometimes need to go to the gym or running after a long day at work. The big sports brands, who are represented in the Landquart Fashion Outlet, know that too. Sneakers, tights, T-shirts and water bottles are just a few of the products that will shine in coral in 2019 and really make you want to move.

Home & Living

The color of the year also jumps into our heads when setting up our four walls. Pillows, blankets, candles, terrycloth or bed linen in coral are especially attractive in spring and summer. They give all living areas a touch of freshness and can be combined very well with traditional colors. Also in the bathroom and in the kitchen fit coral-colored details: a colorful saucepot, a scented candle or a beautiful vase of fresh flowers.