O’zapft is - the do's and don'ts!


Thursday 20 September 2018

O’zapft is - The do's and don'ts!

Ä Mass Bier (or one more), Bavarian specialties and a cozy atmosphere - the Oktoberfest is now setting the prelude to the fall season in many places in Switzerland. If you want to be dressed just as well as the Bavarians, here are some tips for the perfect Oktoberfest outfit.

From «feschen Madl» to «Wiesn-Königin»

"Would any lady wear such a dress, there would be no ugliness," says the extravagant designer Vivienne Westwood. In fact, the traditional costume flatters every figure and makes women in every size look incredibly good. With these 5 tips a true Oktoberfest appearance is guaranteed


1 - The skirt length: Mini, Midi or Maxi?

When it comes to traditional dirndls, it's the occasion that matters. While the Maxi Dirndl fits wonderfully to weddings, the Oktoberfest visitors are recommended to enjoy the midi version, i.e. calf-length or at least knee-covering.

2 - The loop binding: a question of positioning 

Admittedly, this may sound a bit old-fashioned, but the positioning of the dirndl bow is more than just a matter of taste. Whoever wears it on the front right is forgiven or married. In the front left she wears who is still available. A bow in the front middle symbolizes the virginity of the wearer, while widowed ladies wear the bow at the back in the middle. 

3 - The accessories: wearing highlights

Traditionally, traditional shoes are worn with white knee socks. If you like something more modern, you may also choose elegant pumps or rustic lace-up boots. When it gets a bit cooler in the evening, a classic traditional jacket or an elegant shawl fits perfectly with the dirndl. A bag that can be worn close to the body for practical reasons and the Oktoberfest look is ready. 

4 - The styling: a must!

Especially they are very popular anyway, but at the Oktoberfest an absolute must: great braiding hairstyles. Whether half-open, pinned up, decorated with coloured ribbons, “Gretchenzopf” or Boxer Braids - creativity knows no bounds. By the way, it does not matter to the hair length, because even short hair can conjure up creative hairstyles. Make-up is best based on a lot of naturalness. A radiant complexion, rosy cheeks and a little mascara are enough to make you look as if you came straight from the Bavarian Alm. 

5 - «Lederhosen» instead of «Dirndl» - definitely

If you feel more comfortable in trousers, you are allowed to grab as a woman to the crisp leather pants. Whether as shorts or in a knee-length version, the leather trousers are combined with a traditional blouse to create a cool Oktoberfest outfit that is guaranteed to attract attention.

The right outfit for a "g'stand'nes Mannsbild"

The man wears leather pants. What sounds simple, but also has its pitfalls. With these tips it will work out with the outfit: 


1 - The key piece: The leather pants

The long leather pants are still acceptable today, but not up to date anymore. The most frequently seen Lederhosen variants today are the short Lederhose, which ends just above the knee, and the slightly longer cut called "Kniebundhose". This usually includes the bib, which is often decorated with colourful embroidery.


2 - The Suspenders: The "Tribal Affiliation"

The suspenders not only make sure that everything fits in the right way, but according to the Bavarian tradition they also reveal where you come from and to which national costume club you belong. Tourists and hobbyist men can at least take tradition into account by looking for beautiful embroidery, emblems and applications.

3 - The shirt: anything but petty

The traditional Bavarian "Pfoad" is a white traditional shirt. But fashion-conscious men like to use coloured check shirts. A small Vichy check in classic traditional colours (blue, brown, cherry red, fir green) or trendy pastel colours fits best. 

4 - Footwear: sneakers for once a "no go"

As comfortable as sneakers are, for once they stay in the closet. Because they simply do not have enough profile for the traditional look. Instead, grab rough shoes or rustic lace-up boots and tune the colour with your leather pants. One or two shades lighter or darker are perfectly fine. 

5 - The accessories: Not to be missed

Coarse knit stockings with braid or lace pattern, a traditional hat made of soft felt (real or fake) and a cardigan complete the Oktoberfest outfit. 




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