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Monday 11 March 2019

Sporty and top-styled in spring

Do you also feel like exercising? Whether crossfit, biking, swimming, yoga or running - at Landquart Fashion Outlet you will now find great outfits and clever accessories for sporting excellence. But wich sweaty workouts are our favorites? 

When it warms up outside and the sun is longer in the sky, we want to be outside. We feel somehow fresher, more energetic and active. Do you feel the same? In the beautiful nature around Landquart we therefore like to spend as much time as possible with exercise in the fresh air. Our favorites: running, biking and swimming!

Run, Forrest, run!
Running is probably so popular because we hardly need anything for it: Well-fitting and supportive running shoes are most important. The sports brands at Landquart Fashion Outlet have this year again a great selection of high-quality models, which not only protect our joints and optimally support, but also look great. We also like to wear long or short tights, a well-supporting sports bra and a casual top. If you like to run in the early morning, you can choose a suitable hoodie, a softshell jacket or a windbreaker. And for runs in the blazing sun, a cool cap and sunglasses with UV protection should not be missed.

Just keep swimming! 
Especially on hot days we want to jump into the cool water right after the office. That's why we always have a bikini or a swimsuit in our sports bag. A big fluffy bath towel and - if we want to really pump out - a swimming goggles for an even more effective workout.

It’s like riding a bicycle!
Once you've learned it, it's never hard to do it: cycling. A great idea: Going to work with the bike and doing the sports session on the way. Thanks to the cool wind in the face we are fresh and alert and start with a lot of energy in the day. And on the return trip in the evening we let the day pass in a relaxed way.




Keep warm when you are outside enjoying nature - those stylish combinations certainly will do that for you. You can find Mammut in our Outlet Shop 88 and Norrøna in our Outlet Shop 48. 

Outwear Selection:
Mammut Jacket "Nordwand" unisex now CHF 370.-
Mammut Pants for Him "Nordwand" now CHF 293.-
Norrøna Jacket for Him "fjørå dri1" now CHF 188.- 
Norrøna Pants for Him "fjørå dri1" now CHF 139.- 

Casual never looked so good. You Can find Hallhuber in our Outlet Shop 17. 

Sweatshirt dark blue for Her now CHF 49.90
Sports Pants for Her now CHF 59.90
Sweatshirt black for Her now CHF 49.90
Pants black for Her now CHF 49.90

Sneakers always make an outfit look cool and casual at the same time. Why not stock up on some new styles that you can find right here at Landquart Fashion Outlet?

Sneaker Selection:
Pepe Jeans Sneaker for Him (grey) now CHF 76.-
Pepe Jeans Sneaker for Her (green-grey) now CHF 63.-
Marc Cain Sneaker (middle, choose from 10 diff. models) buy 1 pair of Sneakers for CHF 79.- and 2 pairs for CHF 99.- 
Skechers Sneakers (navy-salmon) now CHF 63.-
Skechers Sneakers (red) now CHF 63.

Strickly for women - who says you can only look your best on the outside? With Hunkemöller`s stylish DK 1985 collection by Supermodel Doutzen Kroes, you can feel like a star even before you start training. 

Hunkemöller Sports Bra Doutzen Kroes "DK1985" now CHF 20.-
Triumph Sports Bra, Shorts & Leggins now from CHF 10.-
Hunkemöller Sports Bra Doutzen Kroes "DK1985" now CHF 26.50.-